Flavorful Experiences

Dedicated to experimenting and experiencing new ways of cooking, eating, working out, and home decor.


About Me

I’m a pretty multifaceted sort of person:

I own my own business teaching bootcamp and fitness classes, and you’ll consistently find me working out in some kind of fashion. I also love studying fitness and nutrition ideas and practices and just learning as much as I can about how to serve people to the best of my ability.

I’m very happily married to my hubby of nine years (G) and have a great 8 year old daughter (M). I adore both of them.

I like to cook (not so much bake), sew, and design websites off WordPress templates (SO much fun!). My family might say I spend a bit too much time on the Internet, but if I did that, then how would I find the time to garden? I’m also currently obsessed with Skyrim. Every so often, there will be a video game that catches my fancy.

We bought our first house August 2011, and while it’s in great shape, it needs some projects done. My mom asked me the other month when I was going to finally decorate my house… (um, I thought it was already?)

About the Blog

With the dawn of my Pinterest membership, I’ve been much more interested in experimenting with crafts, decor, and food. I’ve always been interested in experimenting with workout and nutrition ideas. I chronicle many pieces of it on Facebook, but rarely do I put more than a few words here and there, and sometimes I would love to expand on an idea or an experience. So, I thought, what better way to do that than a blog?

So, we’re going to have many experiences, and let’s share them! Here’s to living life at its fullest!

What are some great experiences you’ve had lately?


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