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Workout on Trial: Episode 3

To see the reasons for why I’m putting workouts on trial, see Episode 1!

The next workout on my agenda was actually going to be one from Fitness Magazine. However, I was short on time (I had less than a half hour) was going to be at home, and didn’t want to use any equipment. Plus, the idea of doing a FitMag workout was just… less than appetizing to me at that moment.

So, we got a workout from Zuzana of Bodyrock.tv that I’d pinned to my profile instead.

If there was anyone who was going to take second place in the Pinterest Workout Goddess arena, it would be Zuzana. Her extremely slim, muscular figure and intense workouts are pretty popular. I’d never actually done any BodyRock workouts before, so I figured it was time to try.

And the only thing I can really say about this one was: Oh my gosh.

And it is to this point one of my most popular pins. I can only hope the eval does the same!

Workouts on Trial

The idea here is to take one or two of those workouts one sees pasted all over Pinterest, try them out, and evaluate them for their effectiveness (or injury potential). I’m constantly evaluating programs anyway, so I might as well put them to the test and see if they’re as good (or bad) as my brain believes.

We’ll evaluate on a few different items here:

  1. Their injury potential (will someone get hurt doing this, does it create a balanced muscle structure, and what are common mistakes I’d see as a coach?)
  2. Their fat burning potential (how many programs have we seen out there that say, “Lose 5 pounds in 3 days following this program!”)
  3. Their boredom factor (how hard am I going to work to avoid doing this workout again because it’d be more fun to watch paint dry?)
  4. What they’re technically geared for, even if it says it’s for something else (is it a better mobility workout than a fatburning one)
  5. Tips to improve the workout
  6. Whatever else crosses my mind

So, with that being said, let’s get to the first day’s workouts! (You can always find the workouts I’m going to try by visiting my Workouts on Trial board on Pinterest.)

The Eval

This workout was called the Hot Attack Workout. It was completely bodyweight, and I would certainly classify it as a Lactic Acid workout (also known as “puke it up, sweetheart”). It only lasted 12 minutes, but it left Zuzana on the floor gasping for air, and it left me in the same place when I was finished. Warm-up consisted of practicing the movements, as some of them were new to me.
I did it exactly as outlined, with no tweaks or extra rest periods, though I can’t vouch for being able to do the finisher to the fullest, as I was done for by that point- it doesn’t mean I didn’t try!

1: Injury Potential

This workout is for advanced exercisers ONLY. Unfortunately, that is not stated in either the blog post of BodyRock or on the video. Alternate movements to reduce the intensity are not provided. The movements are complex, the timing is quick, and this means the injury potential is high. Your shoulders MUST be strong enough to hold your weight through movement, your form MUST be perfect, and your balance must be spot on. I’ll provide alternate exercises toward the end of this post, that should make the workout just as effective but not quite so injury-inducing.

2: Fat Burning Potential

With the complex nature of the movements, if you are an advanced exerciser who can keep up with this workout the fat burning potential is extremely high. Every muscle is going to be blitzed and crying for carbs by the end, and the metabolism stays high for hours following, so all energy put into your body is going to be used for that while your stores have to go to work supporting normal metabolic demands. Yay for natural fatburners!

Unfortunately, this may be one workout you don’t look forward to ever repeating again. Which means that if you don’t do it or something similar a few times a week, it’s not really going to burn that much fat by itself.

3: Boredom Factor

Extremely low. There’s no boredom here! You are way too much in the moment. Mere seconds feel like years, but in a good way.

4: What This Workout is (Technically) Geared For

It’s an advanced workout, geared toward obliterating your glycogen stores and kicking up your Lactic Acid production (which doesn’t make you sore, contrary to popular belief). This means you burn more fat in the long term, over the next 12-48 hours. It’s only 12 minutes long, so it’s geared toward the busy person who needs to burn as many calories in as short a time as possible.

5: Tips to Improve the Workout

Here’s the important part. I know I’ve mentioned it several times, but it’s an advanced workout. Here’s the kicker: I would NOT give it to a mixed class of bootcampers without a solid alternative program in place. So, I’m going to place the alternatives here, so more people can enjoy the puking sensation that accompanies this style of workout. 😉

See the Original Workout Here | Time: 12 min | Workout Type: Interval Training | Exercises: 6

(Exercises are listed with original on the first line, and alternate intermediate/beginner exercises on the second line.)

Crab Toe Touch/

  • Elbow-Knee Touch

Dive Bomber/

  • Pike Push-ups/Knee Push-ups

Jump Lunge/

  • Split Squats

Mountain Climber/

  • Mountain Climber

One Leg Hot Attack/

  • Single Leg Romanian Deadlift

Thigh Shrinker Exercise/

  • Side to Side Squats/Squats

6: Whatever Else

Here’s why I’m somewhat upset that this was one of my most popular pins: I highly doubt most people on Pinterest (which is representative of the women of the U.S.) would be able to perform this workout to its fullest. It didn’t provide a good list of alternatives when the injury potential is so high, and it didn’t warn people in advance that it was for advanced exercisers only. So, unfortunately, I may have inadvertently contributed to further attempts by the American public to refuse to exercise, or else I could have contributed to someone getting hurt. Not something I like to think about. However, hopefully if you’ve read the eval, you’re interested in getting the best workout experience possible, and will be able to either modify the workout to your abilities or will understand that one workout is not a magic weight loss pill.

Your Experience

Have you ever done a workout that you realized was above your abilities?

Disclaimer: Always take precautions when starting an exercise or nutrition program. Consult with your doctor. Flavorful Experiences and its authors are not liable for any injuries incurred as a result. Be smart!


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