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Workouts on Trial: Episode 2

To see Episode 1, Malibooty, click here

Episode 2 is Part 2 of a two part workout I did. To see WHY I’m putting workouts on trial, and what I did first, please check out Episode 1.

About 10 minutes after I finished Malibooty, I started in on Weekend Workout. This is another workout found on the Tumblr Back on Pointe. I did it for its cardio effects, and because when I chose what workouts to do, I figured Malibooty wasn’t going to allow me to feel as though I’d exercised. (I was wrong. See Episode 1 for those details.)

I wanted to give Weekend Workout a fair shake, so I allowed plenty of time for my muscles to recover, and started in on it. As far as I can tell, the author of BoP wrote this one herself (unlike Malibooty).

Workout on Trial

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What we’ll be evaluating:

  1. Their injury potential (will someone get hurt doing this, does it create a balanced muscle structure, and what are common mistakes I’d see as a coach?)
  2. Their fat burning potential (how many programs have we seen out there that say, “Lose 5 pounds in 3 days following this program!”)
  3. Their boredom factor (how hard am I going to work to avoid doing this workout again because it’d be more fun to watch paint dry?)
  4. What they’re technically geared for, even if it says it’s for something else (is it a better mobility workout than a fatburning one)
  5. Tips to improve the workout
  6. Whatever else crosses my mind

(You can always find the workouts I’m going to try by visiting my Workouts on Trial board on Pinterest.)

Again, the directions on this workout were lacking. Do you only go through it one time? Do you rest at all? What the hell is a short bridge? I did two rounds, with 1 minute rest between rounds. And a short bridge is also known as a Glute Bridge, 2-leg Hip Extension, or Hip Raises.

1: The Injury Potential

Weekend Workout has a few more possibilities to injure yourself than Malibooty. With squats, burpees, oblique crunches, and potential fatigue, it’s something that has to be taken into account. Usually, the key with all these exercises is form- if you haven’t been shown the proper way to do an exercise, find a trainer and have them show you (be nice an’ pay them, too, k?). However, when you know how to do the exercises properly, just keep that up throughout and don’t let yourself get sloppy. Then, the injury potential of this workout is fairly low. There’s nothing really stupid in this workout (like doing squats on a stability ball).

2: The Fatburning Potential

High. This workout uses all muscle groups, took me just under 12 minutes to complete one set (so three times through would be ~35-40 minutes), and increases the heart rate substantially. Beginners would likely take closer to 15-20 minutes for one set and be bushed. It is a pretty good cardio workout that works on strength at the same time.

Is it going to get me slim and svelte for a party in a few days? Uh, no…

3: Boredom Factor

Low. This workout is constantly moving, which keeps you on your toes. You’re completely in the moment with this. It’s my kind of workout.

4: What the Workout is Technically Geared For

It’s a cardio workout, no doubt about it. However, if your strength is low, it’ll work to increase that as well. But only to a point, and that point isn’t very high. So, it works the cardiovascular system, shoots your heart rate through the roof, and leaves you ready to conquer the day. I would say it burns close to 250-300 calories for two times through on a 150 pound female, though I haven’t entered it into any programs so I could be way off.  It’s also one of those good workouts that will keep your metabolism revved up for several hours afterward. I’m a huge proponent of those kinds of workouts.

The caveat: after your strength hits that low expectation point, it’s not gonna go any higher. So don’t expect miracles in leanness from it. Mix strength training in, either before performing this guy or on other days of the week. Also, you’ve got to give it your all. You can’t be resting too often between or during exercises.

5: Tips to Improve the Workout

The intensity of it really slows down in a couple of places. Partially this is good, as it acts as an active rest so you can keep the intensity high. But the end could use some pep. Here’s what I would suggest after the 40 jumping jacks (halfway down the list):

  • 10 Pushups (instead of 1 dive bomber, which is an exercise I love, but isn’t great when your muscles are fatigued and you’re trying to breathe- that’s just asking for an injury, and 1 bomber isn’t enough esp with bird dogs following)
  • 10 ea Bird Dog (yay for rest! So no change)
  • 30 ea Mountain Climbers (specifying that it’s technically 60 total doubles the number of Mountain Climbers)
  • :30 Plank (if I was cruel, it would be a plank-to-pushup, but just holding a plank at this point is mean enough)
  • 20 Short Bridges (I only kept it because there’s a substantial lack of hamstring exercises in this workout)
  • 30 ea Bicycle crunches or 15 ea Russian Twists (Bicycles for their cardio potential, russians because they really target the obliques and keep your heart rate high if it’s already there)
  • 5 Burpees (no change, although we could easily up this to 10 burpees)
  • 20 Star Jumps (no change, star jumps feel like a dance move and are great)
  • 20 Bodyweight squats (a finisher! Leave em on the floor in the puddle. Wall sits are great, but again more of an active rest.)

6: Whatever Else

Bottom line, I actually liked this workout. It’s great as one piece of a whole. I’ll likely repeat it. However, just keep in mind that it is not a be-all, end-all. It won’t strip loads of fat off your body after one performance. And you really do have to apply yourself during it in order to get any results.

Your Experience

Go do this one and let me know how it went!

Disclaimer: Always take precautions when starting an exercise or nutrition program. Consult with your doctor. Flavorful Experiences and its authors are not liable for any injuries incurred as a result. Be smart!


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