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Workouts on Trial: Episode 1

Ima smart one.

Okay, not really.

Well, actually, I am, but that’s not the point here- that first sentence was just me being sarcastic, but sarcasm really just doesn’t translate well on the internet. 😀

The reason I was saying that is because when it comes to exercise, working out, and all that stuff, I’m a great coach but can be just as human as anyone in the workout department. I too can come up with a thousand and one reasons why not to work out on a given day, even though I actually love it.

So, I do best when I have a specific, long term plan designed that I can follow. With one catch: I can’t design my own workout program. (WTF?!) My designed workout programs are great- they take all kinds of factors into account, they put my whole knowledge-base to work, they get lots of results for my clients- but I just can’t seem to follow them for anything long term. Weird, huh?


So obviously the best way for me to workout is to follow others’ programs. As I said earlier, I do best with long-term.

And I finished my last long-term program at the end of June. (Which, ironically, was a 1-month program I designed, and, hey, actually followed!?)

So, let’s do the quick math here…I’ve been 3 MONTHS?! without an actual program. What have I been doing?

Oh, this, that, and the other thing, not really making progress anywhere.

So, that decided this latest experiment:

Workouts on Trial

The idea here is to take one or two of those workouts one sees pasted all over Pinterest, try them out, and evaluate them for their effectiveness (or injury potential). I’m constantly evaluating programs anyway, so I might as well put them to the test and see if they’re as good (or bad) as my brain believes.

We’ll evaluate on a few different items here:

  1. Their injury potential (will someone get hurt doing this, does it create a balanced muscle structure, and what are common mistakes I’d see as a coach?)
  2. Their fat burning potential (how many programs have we seen out there that say, “Lose 5 pounds in 3 days following this program!”)
  3. Their boredom factor (how hard am I going to work to avoid doing this workout again because it’d be more fun to watch paint dry?)
  4. What they’re technically geared for, even if it says it’s for something else (is it a better mobility workout than a fatburning one)
  5. Tips to improve the workout
  6. Whatever else crosses my mind

So, with that being said, let’s get to the first day’s workouts! (You can always find the workouts I’m going to try by visiting my Workouts on Trial board on Pinterest.)

Today I thought I’d start with a couple of workouts from the Tumblr, Back on Pointe. If you’re on Pinterest, you cannot avoid this girl’s workouts- or her blog. She’s everywhere (along with the scam pics/blogs that all head back to Dr. Charles Livingston, DC, but that’s for another post). She’s extremely proliferative (which is not a word, according to WordPress). She’s completely untrained as a personal trainer, but people take her workouts like they’ve come from God, so I figured she’d be best to start with.

First, let me just get this out of the way: I respect ANYONE who can get anyone else inspired to exercise. I’m not putting BoP down at all for what she’s doing. I’m just hoping that people actually do the workouts she posts and they spend so much time pinning.

So, I started with the first two that popped up in the category board of Health and Fitness: Malibooty and Weekend Workout.

(First off, why TWO? Do I like to just torture myself? Probably. Something like that.)

I started with a warm-up: some bodyweight squats, some incline push-ups with a focus on the bottom hold, shoulder rolls. Nothing too taxing, but something that got the muscles warmed up and a bit more flexible.

Then I moved on to Malibu Booty (also called Malibooty, which I first read as MAIL Booty…). This workout consists of six exercises, which had two exercises I respect for their fatburning/muscle-building potential, and four that made me kind of scoff. The workout promises a rock hard Malibu booty if you do all those exercises until you can’t anymore. Uh, sure, I thought. I’ll be lucky if I can even feel like I’ve worked out. (Hence part of the reason why I chose two workouts.)

Click to view the workout

So, the eval:

I did three sets of the workout with 1 minute rest between sets, and it took me just under a half hour to complete. There’s no further directions beyond the above and how many reps to do, which isn’t great. Type A perfectionists like myself prefer lots of directions.

1: Injury Potential

Pretty light, if you ask me. Not too likely to hurt anything, because all the exercises are pretty controlled, and the pictures are GIFs that stay on a continual loop so it’s a bit like working out to a silent video at your own pace. The only exercise you could really hurt yourself on is the first, the Romanian Deadlift. It does use a very high number of repetitions, though, so one would have to make sure they were careful about repetitive motion injuries.

2: The Fatburning Potential

Again, pretty light. Only two of these exercises really have the capacity to get your muscles on overload and your heartrate up- the Romanian Deadlift and the 1-leg Hip Extension (also known as the bridge). The other three are just there to tax the muscles. However, I will say that I was very shaky both upper body and lower for quite some time after the workout was completed.

3: The Boredom Factor

High. By my third set, I did literally just want to watch paint dry.

4: What This Workout is (Technically) Geared For

Malibooty has one great thing going for it: Time Under Tension (TUT). You’re putting the same stress on the same muscles for an extended period of time (as an example one set takes ~7 minutes). This is great for mobility work, where if you have a weak area (in this case, your hips) muscularly it’s going to strengthen it very quickly. I believe I’m a great candidate for this workout- my left hip has always been weaker than the right, and I could very definitely feel it screaming at me as I went through the workout. The muscles gave out by the final exercise on the third set.

Would it give me a rock hard booty though? Probably. But it won’t erase the fat that’s sitting on top of those muscles…

5: Tips to Improve the Workout

Honestly, as long as its not publicized as a fatburner and is expected as a long mobility workout, I don’t know that it needs to be improved. It has its one purpose: to work those butt muscles. And it accomplishes that purpose. It won’t create symmetry in your entire body (you’ve got other muscles besides your abs and your butt that need a good workout), but if done as part of a whole program, it’s not as bad as I first thought.

There are specific things you can do during each exercise to make it more taxing, though:

Squeeze every muscle for all it’s worth, throughout the entire set. Don’t move too quickly- use at least a 2:2 tempo (2 seconds up, 2 seconds down), and preferably a 4:4 tempo (just keep in mind the workout will take twice as long).

Use more weight on the Romanian Deadlifts (the first exercise). The girl in the picture is using what, 5-10 pounds in each hand? I used 15# just to keep in line with what the photos were promoting, but I could have easily done 35# in each hand. Most girls can, but don’t realize it. Think of it this way: it’s like picking up a four year old (who is likely at least 35# and probably closer to 45#). And who refuses to pick up four year olds when they’re tired? I still carry my daughter in from the car when she’s fallen asleep, and she’s 8, super tall, and something like 65 pounds.

Keep that knee high on the four-legged leg curl (I honestly don’t know the name of this exercise. It’s the fourth one in.). Higher will activate the muscles more, and unless you’re super flexible, the knee will not be able to get higher than your butt.

6: Sweat Potential

I had a very light sheen of sweat when this workout was completed, so if you hate to sweat but need to get your muscles going, this is a workout for you.

Wrap Up

I know I haven’t addressed the Weekend Workout yet, but this post has gotten long enough! I will write a second one soon!

UPDATE: See Part Two Here!

Your Experiences

Will you try this workout? Have you tried this workout? What’s your impression?

Disclaimer: Always take precautions when starting an exercise or nutrition program. Consult with your doctor. Flavorful Experiences and its authors are not liable for any injuries incurred as a result. Be smart!


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