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The Joys of Patternless Sewing

When it comes to sewing, I’m mostly self-taught. Not because my mom didn’t sew (she does) or my grandmother (one is practically a professional), but because I was one of those teens who didn’t want to learn from adults.  And as an adult now myself, I don’t sit down and have sewing parties with either of them. (A shame, really.)

My initial lessons in sewing came from a high school teacher we called MissBanambam, mostly because she made her own bras which made things rather, uh, pointy. And because that’s what her name sounded like.  We didn’t really like her sour personality, but she knew what she was doing. At least, she must have with me. And that was, cause Carrie to fail utterly so she’ll get ticked and teach herself how to do it, because I can’t seem to teach her anything. (There was at least one other teacher who prescribed to that teaching method- I hate to say it, but it was effective. I consequently taught myself how to drive perfectly, how to use Excel/spreadsheets, and how to code because of that one awful teacher, who did the least possible he could to help me learn and tick me off in the most insane way.)

In MissB’s class, we were to make a pair of flannel pajama pants. Using a pattern, we’d be able to put them together, sew in the elastic, and enjoy wearing them fully when we decided not to get dressed in order to go to school.

Needless to say (I mentioned it above, didn’t I?), I failed at making those pants. It took me twice as long, they were way too short, and I may have come close to throwing the machine (or the teacher) out the window a few times.

So this awful experience caused me to want to teach myself how to sew.

It hasn’t been easy. Reading patterns is a little bit like trying to decipher another language. Baste? Notch? Box? WTF?!

I’m pretty sure I survived my first couple of years on sheer luck.

But since I am self-taught, it forces me to use my creativity when I sew, which means that I can make things without a pattern. I’m a pro at bags. And I’ve been working these past few days on making a Halloween dress for my daughter without a pattern, which has been plenty of fun.

Here’s a preview:

M loves to pose 🙂

That black piece is actually a top layer. It’ll eventually have eyelets and be laced up the top half, while the bottom half will be open and show the under dress. The fabric has a slight stretch to it, which allowed it to be cut slightly small and still give her freedom of movement. The underlayer dress will be green and charcoal, slightly longer, and be matched with a pair of black boots and a pointy hat. I still have to decide if the sleeves (which she wants to be flowing) are going to be attached to the top layer or the bottom (flowy sleeves will likely end up on the top, while more practical and warm sleeves will be attached to the bottom layer).

Here’s the inspiration:

From the app, “Suzy Dress Up”

Bet you can’t guess who’s taking after her mother in the creativity department, huh? 😉 M wanted the dress to be mid-calf, probably so that running around the neighborhood is easy.

Hopefully the dress will be done in a couple of weeks, so I can show how I made it. Until then, get creative and go patternless for yourself!

I know I intend to do lots more research on making patternless clothing…


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