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Painting the Wall- With a Foam Brush

Remodeling the Bathroom for Pennies

If you haven’t read my post about fixing the gap between our tub and our surround, yet, check it out here!

Part Two of the unintended bathroom remodel occurred after realizing just how sick I was of Tan/Khaki/Taupe paint. Our bathroom, mud room/laundry room, eating nook/kitchen, and bedroom were all painted tan by the house flipper. Guess he watched too much HGTV in 2007. (That and he was a contractor, which probably explains all of it.)

So, I decided to paint a wall in our bathroom. Quick, easy, and done in 10 minutes, right?

(So easy I don’t even have a “before” picture to show you.)

Uh, sure. But first you have to decide on a color… without traveling to Menards. So I had to use what we had on hand.

I was super lucky. My bathroom colors are sage, oil rubbed bronze, and tan. I had leftover Rye Grass green from the mis-tint pile at Diamond Vogel Paints, and a gorgeous brown from the same place (never used DV before? I highly recommend it- they’re amazing. One coat and you’re done, unless you’re changing colors substantially. Dutch Boy is made by them as well, but I don’t believe the quality is quite as high. Your best bet is to find a Diamond Vogel outlet if you can.). As it was, I mixed about 6-8 tsp brown into 2 cups of Rye Grass, and boom! Sage.

Diamond Vogel Rye Grass isn’t quite this green, but it’s not sage, either.

That, unfortunately, was the easy part. So was taping the floor, other two walls, and trim. The hard part? I couldn’t find any of my rollers, my neighbor was on vacation, and my other neighbor was at work- and I had time to do this NOW. Not after an hour-plus trip to Menards. So what’s a gal to do?

I used a foam brush. The three-inch width brush, to be exact.

And it worked! It took a bit (ok, a LOT) longer than just using a roller, but there was no way I was going to be put off.

Gorgeous Sage

After that wall was painted, there was just one small issue.

The wall by the linen closet looked extremely out of place after the wall was painted, so it got a paint treatment also!

For this portion of wall, though, my neighbor was home, so I was able to borrow a proper brush!

Much better!

Add a splash of decorating…

And I’m well on my way to liking my bathroom again.

No more tan from two of the most important visual spaces in our bathroom.

After this, just two more steps for the bathroom remodel: I wanted to either change out or paint the vanity and the lights. Tune in tomorrow to see the vanity remodel!

Your Experiences

What’s your craziest paint experience?


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