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The Gift of Friendship

My daughter has been OBSESSED with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic for the past six weeks or so. And I’m not talking about just watching an episode here and there; no, I’m talking about spending whole days watching episode after episode on Netflix and YouTube if I don’t kick her outside to play regularly. She’s also been spending more than enough time on their website, coloring pictures and making paper dolls that are now hanging all over her room.

I’m serious.

However, the title is a dead giveaway as to the entire series’ plot: that friendship is magic, important, something that you should work for and do your best in. A great message for an only child, who isn’t forced to share toys, parents, time, or anything that a child with siblings tends to pick up naturally.

Today, my daughter made a cute duct tape bracelet for her friend, and that gave me a great idea to make some friendship bracelets for the kiddos. I ended up making three, because M has a couple of tight best friends (she runs in large crowds- such an extrovert!). I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up making even more than that.

Being a Pinterest aficionado, you’d think I’d have come across more duct tape art in my timeline. I haven’t, so these bracelets were completely from my imaginative brain (one that spent plenty of hours as a child making complicated bracelets- er, not so complicated when I think about some of the amazing stuff that’s out there, but complicated for a 13 year old). I just figured they were cute, and needed a tutorial on how I made them. They’d be a great activity for an 8-13 year old on a rainy day (MY 8 year old, of course, took off on her bike the second I started making them- so much for the two of us doing this project together!).

Duct Tape Friendship Bracelets Tutorial

Start with a roll of fun-colored duct tape. M got this a couple weeks ago at Menards.

Tie Dye duct tape! Who knew?

Cut a long strip off the roll (I would guess mine was about 10 inches long, and if you get a bracelet that is too long it can always be shortened).

Funkadelic strip.

Using a scissors, cut two notches approximately equidistant from each other, then tear the tape into three long strips.

Two of the three strips.

Fold each strip in thirds.

Bunch the strips together, one on top of the other, and tape them securely.

Start braiding the three strips together. This can be tough, because if you don’t start it right, you’ll get a kink at the top that never really straightens.

After it’s started, tape the top of the bracelet to a hard surface (I used my desk) using another piece of tape. Then finish braiding. I pulled mine tight to create the crinkled effect. Then, tape the bottom together. I just used the piece of tape that had been holding the bracelet to the desk.

Now comes the question of how we get this long braided “stick” to turn into a bracelet! Hmm, how about creating belt loops?

Cut a small piece of tape off the roll, then cut two small notches along the horizontal line of the strip. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but you don’t want them to be too far apart or the loops will be too big. And vice versa. You’ll want two of these loops, so you’ll end up cutting another one.

Fold the inner pieces in a tri fold.

Place one end of the belt loop on the end of the bracelet “stick”, then wrap around and cut off the extra tape.

Repeat all belt loop steps with a second piece of tape. Place the second loop slightly below the first.

And you’re done!

The bracelet fits my wrist, and since it’s adjustable, it’ll also fit an 8 year old. Good to know since my own project partner abandoned me!

Hmm, on second thought, I may just keep one for my own!


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