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Summer Adventures

In June, M and I went on our first adventure together. We’re a traveling family- my hubby put some 50,000 miles on his car the first year we owned it, and my happy lil’ Cavalier is chugging away at 225,000+ miles (bought in 2006 with only 68,000 miles on it).

So we think nothing of hopping in the car and traveling 5 hours.

However, M and I have never had a true adventure together, where we just wander toward a goal- in this case Grand Marais, MN.

That changed in June, when we traveled to Duluth, MN and up the North Shore of Lake Superior without my hubby, who had to work. And boy, did we have fun! A stopover in St. Cloud to visit a great friend (whom we subsequently discovered had traveled from mid-Illinois to see us!!), and we arrived in Duluth very late night. We were supposed to pitch a tent, roast a couple of marshmallows, and hit the sack…

Two curlys who thoroughly enjoy each others’ company.

A few days prior to our arrival, Duluth had a 100-year flood. The ground was wet, and guess what? It was raining when we arrived.

Sometimes, I’m stubborn beyond belief, and refused to get a hotel room (and I was extremely tired- it was 11:30 pm by the time we arrived at the campground- and searching for a hotel room was not my idea of fun). We were on an adventure, and this was part of it: we slept on the floor of the campground’s main lodge!

The next morning, we headed toward Canal Park, ate some breakfast in an awesome little nook made entirely out of tree branches at Amazing Grace Bakery & Cafe, and wandered around.

The breakfast nook at Amazing Grace Bakery & Cafe

Our first moose sighting! 😉

Really cool water fountain attraction kept M occupied for an hour.

Playing in the fountain’s waterfall feature.

The craziest part was seeing the normally-slate blue waters of Lake Superior a coppery, muddy brown.

Normally slate blue in color.

After dragging M out of the water of the harbor, we started up the north shore. We enjoyed a picnic in Two Harbors with a view of the lighthouse (whereupon I had to drag M out of the water AGAIN), and visited Gooseberry Falls State Park. What a neat experience. M thoroughly enjoyed the water, the rocks, the wolf exhibit in the lodge… and I enjoyed being in the woods.

Waterfall at Gooseberry State Park.

I love the woods. And rivers.

Our next stop was Lutsen Mountains, where there was an alpine slide. M, G and I had enjoyed one of those the weekend prior, and M was itching to experience it again. Whee! It was super long, and what a great little secret! I’m not even sure how I found out about the slide, but there’s nothing on the road that tells you it’s there- you just have to know.

At this point, we were close enough to Grand Marais that stopping again seemed pointless. There are some great stopping points along the way, with rock beaches and nooks and crannies to explore. But there’s always a point where I’m just ready to be there and done with the car, and I hit it. This days’ experiences were ready to be at a close.

That doesn’t mean we didn’t enjoy Grand Marais! But this is where the pictures end. 🙂

Worlds Best Donuts really means it. They are some of the best I’ve ever eaten.


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